INFLORESCENCE at Kinoscope Top5 Shorts 2020

„Autumn is coming soon“ – and so the last Screenings of 💨🥀 INFLORESCENCE…

„Hey now, heeeeey nowww, don’t dreaaaaam it’s ooooover. This film is a loop of hope, where the thunderstorm is the current mess we’re in and the rose is all of us trying to keep it together. The longer the fragment is repeating itself, the tougher it gets; but hang in there all of you, the loop will end soon.“

Mathieu Janssen, GoShort Festival

🥀Thanks to Mathieu Janssen, Emilia Mazik, Camille Hebert Benazet, Thomas Grimshaw for putting INFLORESCENCE on their Top Five Shorts 2020 list ❤️

🥀Thanks to Berlinale Shorts for its cinematic premiere in 2020 and thanks to all the #festivals who #fighted (until #resignation) for their 2020/2021 #cinema #theatre editions or for giving such a work a chance online, too (even if it probably makes less sense on a monitor screen).

Top Five Shorts of 2020