2024 we are celebrating two Anniversaries:

15 Years Premiere of NEUSEENLAND* (Vienna Shorts, 2009) and
10 Years Premiere of LEAVING MONOCHROMIA (Halle für Kunst Lüneburg, 2014).

Therefore an #offer especially to all equivocal email-spamming-film festivals with fake “discounts” of their #submission #fee:
Both works will be available for festival or cinema theater presentation with a 50% discount of the screening fee! Additionally all other films from the ETTG catalog will celebrate with a discount of 10% booked in Q1 2024!
Just send your request to


In 2008 I strolled with the great Jan Eichberg through the almost completely deserted #Heuersdorf – on the edge of the #Schleenhain brown coal mine in southern #Leipzig, a Leerdammer-like hollowed-out area that will be used for tourism as #Neuseenland after mining has ended some years later.

We had the new HDV camera and a Tascam from HFBK with us to capture images and atmosphere for our story, a kind of homage to #resignation:

A young person no longer wants to continue abroad, he wants to return to his homeland, knowing full well that it days are numbered.

This is told in a voice over by the protagonist himself, for whom we were able to get none other than André Mulzer. Back in Hamburg, he spontaneously recorded the text into Jan’s cassette recorder that he had inherited from his grandfather – three takes in the unisex toilet of third floor HFBK (the only quiet place at that moment).
still „Neuseenland“ (in background: opencast mining abyss with overburden excavator)


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