„A minimalist journey through the discrepancies of our time.
A mid-length film that Chantal Akerman would have liked. Out of the public sphere, where every image points to the wrong thing, out of the isolation of a technology incapable of capturing the nuances of a sunset, out of the despair of a vicious circle in which we continue to be pulled like hypnotized passengers.“

In the simplicity of the narrative structure, the absence of dialogue, the sobriety of the means of expression, and the perfect use of music, the film achieves an admirable intensity. Proof of the arbitrariness with which rational thought articulated in speech has historically been privileged as the preferred, if not sole, vehicle of meaning. Nothing in First Time is mediated by words, and it is the images that filter through the tension of first love and the shadows of a sexuality with which one has perhaps yet to be confronted.“