The international jury composed of the artistic director of the New York Film Festival, Dennis Lim, the award-winning Spanish independent producer Lluís Miñarro, the French producer Judith Lou Lévy, the Argentine director Eduardo Williams and the Spanish director Tuixén Benet, assigns the award for

Best Feature Film in the New Visions section to FIRST TIME [The Time for All but Sunset – VIOLET] by Nicolaas Schmidt.

„A film with a rigorous and playful form that creates tension and mystery with minimal means. It draws the viewer’s attention to small details and gestures, opening a space for reflection on the experience of temporality, on the codes of the story, on language and on the history of cinema.“

A Special Mention of the National Union of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI) jury, composed of Emanuele Di Nicola and Gaia Simionato, goes to FIRST TIME [The Time for All but Sunset – VIOLET] by Nicolaas Schmidt.

„The film represents the meeting on the subway between two teenagers through a language without words, made up only of songs, looks and sharing a common space. A middle ground, the puberty, before the definition of a precise sexuality identity. It’s an enigmatic and suspended tale, which generates in the audience the same pre-erotic tension that envelops the characters. A story that opens a situation without closing, that asks a question without answer, addressed to the young protagonists and to us. It does with a courageous and experimental style that brings film back to its primary form, made of music and imperceptible but full of meaning gestures. „First Time“ by Nicolaas Schmidt shows that cinema is not just dialogue, it’s mostly the art of the image.“